Salt Creek Garden Hosts Special Visitors

Did you know that Salt Creek has an amazing garden program that incorporates composting recycled waste from our school?  Fourth grade teacher Tim Kriss, our resident master recycler, and several sixth grade students gave special visitors a tour of our garden on November 5, 2013.  Tara Gauthier, Integrated Waste Management Specialist for CalRecycle (Sacramento), Lynn France, Environmental Services Program Manager for the City of Chula Vista, and Dave Didonato, Recycling Specialist for the City of Chula Vista, came to Salt Creek to learn about how our garden is creating opportunities for environmental awareness and service learning for our students.

The Salt Creek garden is maintained and supported by:

  • Sixth grade students who collect salad bar waste and recycled paper from our shredding machine daily and use it in our composting bins, which they turn every Thursday
  • Fourth grade students who have started two worm bins and are studying decomposers as part of their science curriculum
  • Second grade students who are learning about composting and have also started worm bins
  • Our custodial staff who take the plastic and aluminum to recycling centers and use the money collected to maintain garden supplies
  • Our GATE Monarch Butterfly Project who will also be enhancing our garden program by planting and growing milkweed, as well as integrating research, science, writing and communication skills
  • Fourth grade teacher Tim Kriss and Fifth grade teacher Jason Stone who are lead teachers in our Garden Committee
  • Mr. Dave Didonato who has provided a majority of our composting bins courtesy of the City of Chula Vista

If you would like to know more about our garden, please stop by and visit.  You can also follow us on Instagram – SaltCreekGarden!



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