Vote for Salt Creek!! 302 votes! Keep ’em coming!

Here’s an easy way to help raise money for our school – just vote for Salt Creek on the Give with Target Facebook App and help raise $25 for every 25 votes!  That’s it!  You can vote once per week, and the campaign ends September 21!  Just click the link below the icon, and after you vote, share it on your Facebook page to tell your friends!  Money raised will go towards student incentives for Gotcha’s, Running Club mileage charms, and any incentives and resources for our Olweus Bully Prevention Program (books, posters, banners, etc.)


Mrs. Perez


Target Gives Back


3 thoughts on “Vote for Salt Creek!! 302 votes! Keep ’em coming!

  1. Hi Mrs. Perez,

    Thanks for the communication!!

    Is there going to be a running club available for boys too? Or, is the running club only available for girls?

    Kind regards, Leila🙋

    • Hi…..the Running Club I referred to was the morning running program that we have for all students. The kids earn little “foot” charms for their necklace. The Girls on the Run is a separate club that will be meeting after school. If an organization for boys’ running club is interested in coming to Salt Creek, it would be a great opportunity. I’ll keep my ears open. Mrs. Perez

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