More Details About the Apex Fun Run

For parents who have questions/concerns with the percentage of profit Salt Creek is making, here is some more information:

After the actual run next Wednesday, all of the student’s accounts will be updated with the number of laps they will have run. This will trigger the system to release a reminder email to all the people who have pledged money. The email will have a PayPal link that is linked to our PTG bank account. The PTG will collect 100% of the funds initially.

In the end, we keep 52% of the total amount collected, and Apex will receive a check from us for 48%.

We have also pledged to give back to our teachers. Each teacher will receive back 10% of the total amount that his or her classroom collected. This money can be spent on classroom supplies, an additional field trip, or a class party…it’s the teacher’s choice. The only guideline the PTG has set is that the money must be spent on the students, in their classroom and within this school year.

Our proposed 2013-2014 PTG Budget includes the Apex Fun Run as a fundraising line item. We anticipated a profit of $10,000 with $1,000 of that going directly back to the teachers. If we reach beyond that $10,000 profit, we would like to bring a proper running track to our school, and help get the kids off the blacktop. The architectural drawing is in the works, and as of right now we’ve been told to budget $25,000 for this expense. This Fun Run will help us to get closer to achieving that track goal.

As always, we thank you for your support.

Beckie Sterlitz


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