Introducing Spirit Tags!


This week each student will be given a custom Salt Creek Spirit Ring and a complimentary Spirit Tag, courtesy of the PTG.

Spirit Rings™ – are custom-embroidered key chains that students display their Spirit Tags.  Spirit Rings™ work great on backpacks, lunch boxes, instrument cases, jackets and more.

Spirit Tags are small custom-embroidered patches that students can earn, collect, and display on a Spirit Ring™, lanyard, or key ring. Spirit Tags promote school spirit and participation by providing meaningful extrinsic rewards with lasting value, beyond the school year.

When your student brings his or her Spirit Ring home, please help him or her attach the ring to a secure place. (The backpack is a popular choice for this)  There will be a variety of Spirit Tags available throughout the year to earn, or to be purchased.

There are limited quantities of custom Salt Creek Spirit Rings.  If your child misplaces their Spirit Ring, an additional Ring may be available for purchase, while supplies last.

Please contact if you have any questions.


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