All School Emergency Exercise Tuesday, May 28

On Tuesday, May 28, all Salt Creek staff and students will participate in a functional exercise to practice and assess our preparedness in emergency and disaster response.  District personnel and a FEMA-certified consultant will be present during the exercise to assist and debrief protocols and procedures.  Fire drills, earthquake drills, lockdown drills, and shelter in place drills are conducted regularly at Salt Creek to ensure that staff and students are prepared in case of any of these emergencies.

During the Tuesday exercise, actors will play the role of missing or injured victims, and search and rescue and medic/first aid teams may be activated.  We will assure your children that people are just “acting” so that they will be ready in case someone really gets hurt.  I look forward to having safety meetings and presentations for parents next year to inform our community of Salt Creek’s Site Emergency Plan.  We are glad that the Chula Vista Elementary School District is being proactive in ensuring that our staff and students know how to effectively and safely respond to emergencies and disasters.

I will also be present assisting Miss Martinez in conducting this drill.

Safety First!  Mrs. Perez, principal 2013-2014



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