Meet your 2013-14 PTG Board

On Wednesday May 29th 5pm, you will get a chance to meet the newly elected board members at an ice cream social.

Thank you and congratulations to the newly elected 2013-14 PTG Board Members:

  • Vice President-Jenica Lundgren
  • Treasurer-Theresa Weekes
  • Director of Membership-Wafa Abou Hezima
  • Directors of Communication-Lisa Jones and Jennifer Suggitt
  • Directors of Fundraising-Michelle Duarte and Sara Penteriani

They will join the following existing board members in making Salt Creek a great school for our children.

  • President-Beckie Sterlitz
  • Secretary-Keri Higuera
  • Parliamentarian-Kristin Phatak
  • Directors of Programs-Mrs. Dube and Mr. Kelly
  • Director of Volunteers-Heavenly Daniel

One thought on “Meet your 2013-14 PTG Board

  1. Congratulations to all newly elected board members! I look forward to meeting all of you and the Salt Creek community during the Ice Cream Social! (Mrs. Perez)

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