Attention to Safety

A couple recent incidents have led us to give some thought to our safety and supervision of the parking lot and front of school for entrance and egress. This morning an adult was nearly run over by a car that was backing up without noticing the pedestrian.  Furthermore, we have had a couple issues of unsafe student behavior while waiting for their parents to pick them up after school.  The purpose of this post is to make two points.

1) Please enter the parking lot with the intention of moving slowly and getting your children to school without harm.  While there may be better ways to configure the parking lot, it will never be extremely fast when hundreds of cars show up in one physical location for the start and end of day.  Plan on spending a few relaxing minutes in your car while you wait your turn to drop off and pick up your kids.  One moment of hurry to save a few minutes could be costly so let’s work together to avoid this possibility

2) After school, we used to move students behind the fence at 3:00 for their safety and for easier supervision.  We stopped doing that this year, but we are returning to this practice for the safety of our students.  Those students who are still not picked up by 3:00 will be shepherded behind the fence to wait in the secure area between the office and the 400 building.  They will still be visible from the parking lot and once they  see their ride arrive, they will proceed through the office to meet their parents or guardians.

Thanks for your attention to these matters.  There is certainly nothing more important than the safety of our students.  Your cooperation is appreciated and suggestions and comments are always welcome.Image



2 thoughts on “Attention to Safety

  1. Thank you for these notes on children’s safety!

    Also please thank the volunteers that we have in order to help with he traffic! They do a wonderful job!

    Katya Alvarez

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