Prop E, Oversight Committee

Proposition E (a $90 million general obligation bond) was approved by voters in November 2012.  Prop E will provide funds to renovate and modernize facilities and improve technology at 31 of CVESD’s schools.

A key element of the Prop E program is the creation of an Independent Citizens Oversight Committee (ICOC).  The ICOC will inform the Board of Education and the public about the expenditure of bond proceeds and verify that all school general obligation bonds are expended in accordance with the facility improvement plan proposed to voters.  At its February 20 meeting, the Board approved the selection process for the ICOC.

ICOC applications are now being accepted. 

Interested persons can visit the District website for additional information.  A link is provided to the Prop E site, where they can view a PowerPoint presentation about Prop E, obtain general information on the ICOC, and download a copy of the ICOC application form.  If you do not have Internet access, please contact Angelita Barton directly at (619) 425-9600 ext. 1372.

ICOC applications must be received in the Business Services Office by 5 p.m. on Monday, April 8.  Postmarks will not be considered.  On April 17, the Board will select members for the ICOC.


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