Kindergarten Registration is Coming

new-beginningRegistration for the 2013-14 school year is right around the corner.  All of our new Kindergarten friends will be coming on board along with students in grades 1-6 who are new to the Salt Creek area.  Here are some important dates and information related to Kindergarten registration.

We will no longer have a first come/first served procedure for Dual Immersion selection on the first day of registration.  Students who enroll on the first day will be entered into a random lottery to determine their enrollment in Dual Immersion. We will then fill classes based on that order balancing by gender and  language ability.  Any student enrolling after the first day will be considered in the order in which they enroll.

February 11 – This is the first day to pick up registration packets from the school.   You will fill these out at home and bring them to the first day of registration on February 27th.  You will also sign up for a registration time slot on Feb 27 so that you will not need to wait on Registration Day.

February 13 – March 15  – Parents need to turn in all zone transfer renewal forms if they are planning to continue attending at Salt Creek.

February 19 – Kindergarten Registration Informational Meeting – We will explain the registration procedures and The Lottery!

February 27 – Kindergarten registration for students who will be 5 years old on or before October 1, 2013.   You may apply for a zone transfer to another school at the time of registration.

April 24 – Kindergarten Orientation – All Kindergarten families are invited to find out what is expected from Kindergarten and help prepare their child for a great start in July.

May 17 – Families who have requested DI will be notified via mail of their DI status.

May 29 – Dual Immersion Commitment Meeting – Dual Immersion

July TBA – 1st Day of School


5 thoughts on “Kindergarten Registration is Coming

  1. How do I get into the lottery for the DI if I am coming from a different school zone? My daughter’s cousins are in that program and I can see its great benefits.

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