Spelling Bee Success!

Congratulations to all students who braved the rainy weather and participated in the Salt Creek Spelling Bee.  Listed below are the top 3 finishers for each grade level.  (Teacher’s name is in parentheses).


  1. Ricky Solorzano  (Allinger)
  2. Stacey Valentin  (Allinger) and Lexie Canaris (Jones)
  3. Diego Turner (Jones)

First Grade

  1. Bella Robinson (Lidstone)
  2. Ana Sofia Esponda (Moller)
  3. Matthew Salgado (Lidstone)

Second Grade

  1. Devin Shaffer (Hansen)
  2. Rylee Johnson (Marquez)
  3. Jason Nguyen (Fallon) and Keila Gerstel (Hansen)

Third Grade

  1. Kay Hagler (Schultze)
  2. Cristian Turner (Schultze)
  3. Ella Espejo (Evans) and Ysabella Marquez (Herrera)

Fourth Grade

  1. Melanie Halko (Maes)
  2. Carlie Abramovitz (Haber) and Anissah Perez (Kriss)
  3. Alexis Barnum (Haber)

Fifth Grade

  1. Matthew Conda (Pembleton)
  2. Madison Johnson (Pembleton)
  3. Kellen Hobson (Given) and Rieley Adkins (Muhlbach)

Sixth Grade

  1. Mitch Sterlitz  (Kelly)
  2. Brianna Farias (Chan)
  3. Erika Roberts (Chan)

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