Running Club


Running Club NecklaceWe are kicking off (no pun intended) our Running Club this week.   Students can earn these classic little feet for walking/running the track during the day as they pile up the miles.  It’s never too early or too late to develop healthy habits that will last a lifetime.

Here are the details for how the program will work:

  • All students will receive a notecard with their name on it. They bring their cards to the track with them so they can receive stamps. (If they lose their cards at any time, they will need a replacement card- found in the workroom by the mailboxes.)
  • We have a parent volunteer who will stamp students’ cards.
  • 1 lap = 1 stamp = 1/4 mile.
  • On their notecards, have students circle groups of 4 stamps. 4 stamps = 1 mile.
  • Students will be rewarded for different levels of miles, beginning with 1 mile and then in increments of 5 miles. Once a student runs 1 mile, they will get a chain (necklace). This necklace will carry all of their “running feet.”
  • On Thursdays at 2:00pm, Maria and I will call students up to the auditorium to get “running feet” of different colors. They will only receive “running feet” for increments of 5 miles (1mi.-5mi.-10mi.-15mi.-20mi.). They WILL NOT receive running feet for miles in between, such as 3 miles, 7 miles, etc.
  • Students will add their “running feet” to their chain as they accumulate miles. Ex: 1mi.-5mi.-10mi.-15mi.-20mi., etc.
  • Each colored running foot will represent a different number of miles.

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