Entrepreneur Fair Recap

During 2nd Quarter several students took the challenge to create their own products and sell to their peers in our Entrepreneur Fair.  It was a resounding success as our students learned lessons about production, sales, marketing, mathematics, and teamwork.  The final sales amount exceeded $400 for the 25 groups that participated.  Furthermore, in our 2nd quarter Fair the students were challenged to donate a portion of their proceeds to a charity of their choice and almost every organization gave some of their proceeds to a worthy cause such as Charity Water, Children’s Hospital and the Make a Wish Foundation.  Total donations to charity were approximately $100 and I’d like to highlight two organizations whose generosity was unmatched.

Fashion Decor of Sonya Googins, Paulina Gomez, Sa’Hanna Joyner, Zaynab Alameri, Michael Chavez, and Courtney Anderson gave 95% of their proceeds to Toys for Tots.

The Three Musketeers of Kiley Rivers, Jasmine Hernandes and Gaby Chong-Cebreros gave 100% of their proceeds to Charity Water (over $26 donation)

Thanks to all the students for their creative and generous efforts.  We are looking forward to the third quarter Fair on Wednesday, February 13.


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