Updates Nov 26-30

Events of the Upcoming Week:
  • Absentee ballots for the PTG Secretary position available from Parliamentarian Kristin Phatak, thephataks@gmail.com
  • 1:15pm popsicle sales (weather permitting)
Special Events:
  • Teacher Thank You’s – Mission Federal Credit Union:  go to missionfed.com/Im-Thankful or to a local branch to let them no why you are thankful for your teacher.
  • Box Tops – Fill the tubes in the MPR. The grade with the most box tops wins $100. Contest ends Dec 14.  To view current electronic offers –  http://www.2ways2earn.com/
  • Yearbook Dedications – If you have paid for a dedication please submit 200 characters or less to saltcreekptg@yahoo.com by Dec 21st.
Upcoming Dates to Remember:
Dec 2-9 Barnes and Noble Book Fair, see https://saltcreekmountainlions.wordpress.com/ for more info
Dec 4 3pm Special PTG Election (MPR)
Dec 5 3pm PTG Board Meeting (MPR)
Dec 11 7:40am Safety Commitee* (Office Conference Room)
Dec 11 Staff Appreciation Lunch
Dec 14 Drop N Shop Night
Dec 19 Walk to School Day
*Safety Commitee is for all parents interested in the safety of our kids to/from school in the parking lot, on walk  to school days, as well as during fire/earthquake/lockdown…

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