Parent Conferences

This Thursday marks the beginning of Parent Conferences.  By this time, you should have an appointment with your classroom teacher during the six days of conferences.  As you prepare for your meeting here are some things that you can do to enjoy a productive student conversation.

Be prepared to share your child’s strengths and areas of concerns – It’s always great to connect what the teacher sees at school with your observations from the home front.  After all, you are the experts on your children and we need to know how to best meet his/her educational, social, and emotional needs.

Ask clarifying questions.  Sometimes, we educators get used to our jargon and acronyms and we forget to translate that information into layman’s terms.  So, please ask questions if you don’t understand an assessment score, curricular program, or anything else about your child’s educational background.

Know that we want a strong school/home partnership.  We believe that your children will be more successful when there is open and continuous communication between you and the classroom teacher.  Please let us know if there is any way we can improve this relationship for the benefit of your child.

Wishing you productive and encouraging conferences with your classroom teacher at the end of our first quarter of the 2012-13 school year.


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