Suzie’s Farm Box Interest List Forming

Parents!  We are collecting an interest list for Suzie’s Farm.  Suzie’s Farm was founded in 2009 and is an USDA certified organic farm that grows over 100 different types of crops per year.  The Good Farm Box is filled with seasonal veggies and fruits for you at a cost of $30 per box.  Your Good Farm box will be waiting for you here at Salt Creek!
If you are interested in participating, we ask that you commit to an up front monthly payment via check, MasterCard or visa.  Please email Juliette Cesena at if you are interested.  Provide your email and phone number and which type of plan you would be interested in—bi-weekly at $60 per month or weekly at $120 per month (4 week month).

3 thoughts on “Suzie’s Farm Box Interest List Forming

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