Safe School Committee

We would like to invite all interested parents to join our Safe School Committee for 2012-13.  We will have our first meeting Thursday, August 9 @ 7:30 AM in the Main Office Conference Room.  This committee develops our Safe School Plan and this year will be gathering community interest in school uniforms among other topics related to school safety.   Please join us this Thursday to help make Salt Creek a safe and orderly school for everyone.


3 thoughts on “Safe School Committee

  1. I am absolutely floored. We are now thinking of controlling our environment by controlling others, not ourselves. How disappointing. My family personally feels that parents, teachers and administrators have far more important issues within their own homes and the school as to be monitoring what children are wearing.

  2. What a great idea. It will make it much easier and will save time. Schools should always focus on the education of our children. The latest fashion trend should be a curriculum outside the campus. Our freedom and safety are guarded by those who wear uniforms, whether it be here or in other countries.

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