All Day Kindergarten at Salt Creek

Recently, two factors have conspired to make it possible for us to offer All-Day Kindergarten for most, if not all, of our Salt Creek families in 2012-13.  We will either have 4 All Day and 2 Half Day classes or 5 all day classes.  If you know of any Salt Creek resident families who were planning on attending a full day private school, please notify them to contact Salt Creek about Full Day Kindergarten next year.


4 thoughts on “All Day Kindergarten at Salt Creek

  1. I am a parent looking to enroll my daughter in Salt Creek for kindergarten starting in the 2013-14 year. I saw your post about all day kindergarten, but on the school website ( the daily schedule for kindergarten is still listed as 8:15-11:45. Is the kindergarten changing to all day for good? If so what is the all day hours? I don’t see any related information on their website.

    Thank you for your time.

    • Hello Mr. Lee,

      We are all day and will be remaining all day Kindergarten. The website to which you refer is not updated by the school, therefore it does not have current information. Here is our daily schedule that includes the hours for Kindergarten. We are looking forward to your daughter’s arrival next year.


      Dan Winters

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