New Homework Policy

Last quarter we received input from parents and discussed with staff the elements of quality homework and came up with a Homework Policy that we are implementing this quarter as a draft.  Our goal is to follow these guidelines, then discuss the pros and cons in order to modify and improve for the 2012-13 school year.  Here is the Salt Creek Homework Policy for 4th quarter.

Homework Philosophy

Please share any questions or comments below.


2 thoughts on “New Homework Policy

  1. I find this hard to believe that you would post this! During the break where my child was given a TWENTY-SIX page math packet in fourth grade! I found out Easter Sunday they had not done it. So we spent over 7 hours completing it! It covered a huge amount of material that would appear to span several months. What was the purpose? When my child went back to school on Monday they were one of only a few to have completed it. What was the cause and effect or consequences? Either truly assign homework with a purpose or do not.

    • Mrs. Sanchez,

      I appreciate your comments. Your question, “What is the purpose of this packet of work?” is a great question to ask your classroom teacher. As you can see on the policy, we believe that purposeful homework is beneficial, therefore I encourage you to have an open dialogue with your teacher to discuss the merits of any homework assignment so that you can come to an understanding of the intended purpose and the manner in which you can best support your child at home.

      Thanks again for your input.

      Dan Winters

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