Budget Advisory Committee

The Chula Vista Elementary School District is initiating its annual Budget Advisory Process.  One of our Salt Creek parents regularly attends these meetings to provide input on the proposed budget cuts for 2012-13.  Attached is a PowerPoint with examples of possible budget cuts.  These are not recommended cuts; they are merely examples for informational purposes.  If you would like to provide input, please respond in the comments below and our parent representative will share your thoughts with the committee.

BAC examples


2 thoughts on “Budget Advisory Committee

  1. This can be quite a challenge. I really feel for all the staff and teachers going through/will be going through these cuts. Your job is made harder and we parents need to find some ways to support our schools.

    Something will have to give with these constrains of resources to the schools. It will probably reflect on our children’s education outcome. I think we should do everything in our best ability to support our schools. We should start with whatever we can do. Even as small as the morale supports when we see the teachers would be nice.

    • Thanks for your kind and thoughtful comments, Mr. Nguyen. I know that every teacher and staff member appreciates the support of our wonderful Salt Creek families. Despite the challenges of a shrinking state budget, it’s a joy to come to school every day and work with such amazing children.

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