Running Club Updates

We would like to congratulate all students who came out and ran with the morning running club this quarter! As a group our 249 students who came out to run, ran 2240 miles!  That is from Chula Vista to Chicago!  Wow!   This is a huge increase in number of participants and number of miles ran from last year!   Way to go Salt Creek Mountain Lions!


This last week before break, we will not be having running club, but we will resume during the first week back from fall break.  The club will now meet from 7:40 – 8:00 on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. 

As our numbers grow in the running club, it is important that we maintain a safe and encouraging environment for all runners.  So, with that in mind, we are implementing a few changes to the club when we resume with running after fall break.   Parent’s please help us by discussing these changes with your student and explaining how they make our track and running club a safer place that encourages all runners.

1. If you need to walk at any time during running club, please move to the outside of the lane ear the fence, so that running students can pass. This will help the flow of traffic on the track and reduce the number of falls.

2. Running club will start at 7:40 and end promptly at 8:00 (No laps before 7:40 will count for running club.) Promptly at 8:00 we will funnel ALL runners towards the tables to check out.  Students may finish their lap in progress, but then must go straight to the table.)  This will ensure that all runners have the same opportunity to earn sticks.  Additionally, this helps get all students to class on time.

3. No sticks that are lost during the lap will be replaced.  No sticks that are broken will count.

4.  The only people who mark the running cards should be the parents sitting behind the tables.

Thank you for the continued support that all parents have shown for this club.  It is truly an awesome sight on any given morning to see the way all the parents, grandparents and students come together to make this incredible opportunity for our students.  It is a treasure to our school and with our new guidelines, we hope to make it an even better experience for all who participate.

If you have any concerns or would like to find out how you can help with running club, please contact me at


Amanda Williams

Fall Festival Help Needed

Is Halloween your favorite holiday? Do you love to create haunted houses? Do you have some free time?
The Fall Festival is run by volunteers. We cannot succeed without the help of our parents and teachers.  If you would like to donate  your time during the fall festival to help make this a memorable experience for our children. We are in need of someone to chair the Haunted House, the Cookie Decorating Table, and to get the high school to send over Volunteers to help the event to run smoothly. Your child benefits directly from this by allowing the PTG to help fund field trips, assemblies, school activities, teacher grants, and more.
 If you are able to help in any way, please email PTG as soon as possible.
Salt Creek PTG Fall Festival Committee

Weekly Updates: September 12-16

Events of the upcoming week


  • MINIMUM DAY-Conferences


  • MINIMUM DAY-Conferences


  • 12:15pm ELAC and DI Parent Meeting (MPR)
  • MINIMUM DAY-Conferences
  • 2pm-9pm Rubio’s (Eastlake) Restaurant Night


  • Awards Assembly
    • 8:30am 3rd Grade, 9:10am 6th Grade, 9:50am 5th Grade, and 10:30am 4th Grade
  • MINIMUM DAY-Conferences


  • Awards Assembly
    • 8:30am 1st Grade, 9:10am Kinder, 9:50am 2nd Grade

Upcoming Dates to Remember:

  • Sep 17-Oct 3 Fall Beak
  • Oct 4 Students Back to School
  • Oct 11 Fall Picture Makeup Day
  • Oct 11 PTG Board Meeting
  • Oct 18 School Site Council Meeting
  • Oct 20 Coffee Chat
  • Oct 28 Costume Parade
  • Oct 28 Fall Festival

Contact if you have any questions

Salt Creek Rocks!

This week the new Salt Creek Track was featured in the San Diego Union Tribune, as well as in a CVESD Spark with video!  Thank you to all the families who have donated to make the track possible and the ribbon cutting memorable.  See links below.

This year we have raised $17,800 in our FUN RUN pledge drive!  Way to go Salt Creek!  Over $5,000 of that money will go directly to the teachers and classrooms.  Approximately $3,000 will go to the grade-level teams, and the rest will be used for field trips, assemblies, sponsorships, and more!


DI Parent Networking & ELAC Meeting on Weds. Sept. 14!

Join us for an opportunity to network with other Dual Immersion Parents and parents of English Learner students on how to support each other in either learning Spanish or English!  This is the first of many joint Dual Immersion and ELAC meetings that we will have to collaborate on how to meet the needs of not only English Learner students both in DI and EO classrooms, but also Spanish Learner students.  See flyer below for details!  This opportunity will be held on Weds., Sept. 14 at 12:15 p.m. in the Salt Creek Multipurpose Room.  There will also be a book raffle and refreshments!

di-parent-network-elac di-parent-network-elac-spanish

Tomorrow is the Last Day for Pledges

Final day to submit your FUN RUN pledges is Wednesday Sept 7th!  Send in your envelopes or online…

We are at 75% of our goal of $20,000 raised!  Mrs Muhlbach’s fifth grade class is leading the way with $35.95/ student.

Check out how your class is doing ($/Student):

  • Vera $12.40, Bernstein  $12.71, Hernandez $13.20, Farrar/Pragastis $30.50
  • Luna $4.58, Shepersky $28.31, Calcote $14.17, Allinger $4.96,  Basto $19.13, Moller  (1/2 Combo) $12.70
  • Zendejas  $18.29, Jones  $8.13, Hale $27.17, Mielke  $5.78, Tontz $14.54
  • Fernandes  $20.80, Brambila  $11.04, Mendoza  $8.82, Escalona  $6.39 , Green $1.57, Maes  $14.25
  • Amador $6.32, Marquez  $4.56, Haber $7.16, Kriss $8.26, Davison $12.26
  • Hinton $8.52, Stone $21.67,Herrera  $5.19, Martinez-Parra  $7.90, Duba $32.00, Muhlbach  $35.95
  • Sanchez  $0.71, Fallon  $4.82, Jimenez $5.73, Ellmore  $0.37, Hansen  $3.39, Kelly  $9.74

Attendance Awareness Month!


September is School Attendance Awareness Month!  Help your child set good habits for school attendance early.  Attendance is correlated with school success, and at Salt Creek we have a goal to improve our attendance rate, which is currently at 96.85% to 97%.  We encourage families to take trips and vacations during scheduled school breaks on our calendar, to make dental and doctor’s appointments for after school hours, and to request Independent Study Contracts when necessary at least one week in advance.  Remember, as a school we must uphold the Board Policy on absences and valid excuses, so please contact our Attendance Health Secretary, Emma Williams, if you have any questions about what absences can be excused.

Congratulations to the following classrooms in each grade level that have the highest attendance rate for the month of August.  We will recognize classrooms monthly, and classrooms will be able to house the Attendance Trophy for the month:

  • Kindergarten:  Farrar/Praggastis  98.33%
  • 1st Grade:  Shepersky  99%
  • 2nd Grade:  Jones  98.55%
  • 3rd Grade:  Escalona  99.03%
  • 4th Grade:  Haber 97.56%
  • 5th Grade:  Stone  99.03%
  • 6th Grade:  Elmore  98.15%